In just three months, Covid-19 has changed everything from our daily routines to the world economy. In this two-part webinar, we’ll tell you what it all means for cryptocurrency.

Part 2: Cryptocurrency and the Criminals Taking Advantage of Covid-19

Any crisis will have bad actors looking to profit off of it. We’re already getting reports of cybercriminals using Covid-19 to scam the vulnerable, extort healthcare providers, and spread misinformation. In this webinar, we’ll tell you about the role cryptocurrency plays in Covid-19-related crimes such as:

  • Scams taking advantage of the crisis
  • Ransomware attacks against healthcare providers
  • How darknet markets react to a pandemic

Join our Head of Research Kim Grauer and Sales Engineer Scott Johnston for a deep dive into these topics, plus information on how the cryptocurrency industry and law enforcement can work together to fight back.

Click here to view the recording of Part 1.


Learn from these experts:

Nina Heyden


Kim Grauer

Head of Research

Scott Johnston

Sales Engineer