Between 2015 and 2019, ransomware evolved into more sophisticated, targeted attacks that have seen a 10x increase in average cryptocurrency payments extracted from victims.

Perpetrators use cryptocurrency for secrecy, but Chainalysis has the resources and expertise to follow the flow of funds and aid investigators. During this webinar senior economist, Kimberly Grauer will share our latest research based on hundreds of ransomware attacks affecting over 52,000 victims. You’ll learn:

  • The attacker profiles, including motives and methodologies
  • How perpetrators cash out illicit ransomware proceeds
  • How an investigation follows the flow of cryptocurrency payments
  • What to do to stay informed, including basic steps to deal with an attack

Hosted by Kimberly Grauer, Chainalysis Senior Economist


Learn from these experts:

Kimberly Grauer

Senior Economist

Silvia Lacayo

Director of Product Marketing